Our Review Policy

How we conduct our vegan fashion reviews


The purpose of our vegan fashion reviews is to give you an insightful and fair representation of the vegan fashion items we review, saving you time in conducting your own research, and to present reliable facts about products.

To ensure impartiality we don’t partake in paid partnerships, sponsored reviews or collaborations. This means we can be honest and independent in our assessments of items, and you can trust our reviews.

There are two main aspects to our reviews:

Brand Research

Firstly we research the brand who produce the product.

100% Vegan

We favour fully vegan brands, i.e. owned and run by vegans. We will occasionally review vegan items from non-vegan brands, but this is only if the item is exceptional. One of the reasons for this is to avoid confusion – if we review a product from a non-vegan brand it could confuse people who then visit that brand’s website and assume that all of the products are vegan.

Sustainability & Eco-Credentials

We also look into the brand’s ethos in terms of sustainability and respect to the environment.

This includes the environmental impact of the materials used, whether natural materials (cork, hemp, organic cotton), recycled materials (reclaimed plastic bottles, nylon, polyester), or bio-materials (apple peel leather, cactus leather).

Beyond the materials, the manufacturing process is also taken into consideration – is it Zero-Waste, Carbon-Neutral or circular? Does the brand use eco-friendly packaging? Does the brand offer a repair service, returns for re-use or upcycling?

Does the brand partake in other activities, such as planting trees, ocean clean-up schemes, or donations to animal rights organizations.

Fair Practices

The third aspect of our brand review is to assess how the people involved in making the brand’s items are treated. Are their working conditions safe, with no risk of exploitation, such as slave or child-labour, and do they receive a fair living wage?

Product Review

When it comes to the product itself, we take a hands on approach. We obtain the product ourselves and don’t just try it on but try it out, for example by wearing or using the item over days, weeks or even years.

Fashion of course is subjective, everybody has different preferences when it comes to style, but factors such as quality and comfort can be judged across different items and styles.

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