PETA UK’s Vegan Fashion Awards 2022

PETA UK has announced the winners of its 2022 Fashion Awards, including Designer of the Year Sarah Regensburger and Changemaker of the year Rebecca Cappelli director of the film SLAY.

This year’s PETA fashion awards cover a wide range of categories showing how vegan fashion has evolved. The awards include:

  • Designer of the Year
  • Changemaker of the Year
  • Best Menswear
  • Best Wedding Fashion
  • Innovation Award
  • Most Wanted Award
  • Best Catwalk Moment
  • Best Luxury Moment
  • Best Vegan Leather
  • Best Vegan Wool
  • Best Vegan Shoes
  • Best Vegan Bags
  • Best Luxury Product
  • Villain of the Year

Great to see Sarah Regensburger winning designer of the year – here at VFUK we have followed her since 2018, including her presentation at London Fashion Week in Sept 2022.

Also great to see Rebecca Cappelli recognised for her work on the documentary SLAY (and which Vegan Fashion CIC’s founder is a co-executive producer) which we agree is an industry changing exposé (see link here to watch the film).

Find out who won the other awards on PETA’s website here:

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